MADSEN FINANCIAL COACHING is a 5 star coaching company based on Google reviews

Here is what people are saying…

“Jason’s drive for helping people get out of debt is infectious! Jason helped my husband and I understand the fundamentals of managing money and getting (and staying) out of debt; we still practice what he taught us today. He’s great at breaking things down in a way that just makes sense and we are forever grateful for his help, especially after a pandemic season when we needed it most.”

“Jason helped me so much by doing a Budget Deep Dive. He was able to find other areas that I could save in and free up more money to pay off debt. He offered insight into how my debts were structured, and allowed me to focus on a very emotional debt from my past that was lingering. It was not a traditional snowball, but once I made a few big lump sum payments toward that loan, it became a snowball and fell right into place. He helped me understand where my 401(k) investments were located under my profile for work, as well as consistently checked in as my accountability partner. I am so glad that I found Jason!”

“Jason is a really great listener.”

“People call me shy. I like to think of myself as cautious. I was hesitant to hire Jason because I didn’t think he could help me. I have saved my entire life and call myself a good saver. Madsen Financial Coaching was able to save me more money than the cost of coaching by digging into the budget, evaluating spending, and understanding my objectives. I highly recommend working with Jason!”

“Jason helped me realize that the only thing keeping me from starting a small business was myself. His financial advice and insight on starting a small business helped me understand that I just needed to start. Practical ideas and a written plan allowed me to figure out the startup costs, and continue to work within my budget – at the speed of cash of course!”

“When I first met with Jason, I was a wreck. I had about $45,000 in debt. Credit cards, two car payments, personal loans, you name it. Madsen Financial Coaching helped me put an action plan in place to tackle the debt. I am proud to say I have paid off 60% in the last 2.5 years and I am on pace to be debt free by the end of 2020!”

“My wife and I met with Jason during a Financial Peace University course that he led at our church and it has changed our lives! There were a couple of external factors that came up as we went through the sessions, but we are still working the plan. If it wasn’t for Jason giving so many helpful tips and practical ideas to actually make it work, we would not be where we are today. We are very thankful for the lifelong impact he made, and would definitely recommend Madsen Financial Coaching to anyone looking to get their finances in order. Thank you!”

If you would like to share your testimonial of how we helped you, please let us know! There are others out there just like you who are trying to figure out this journey of personal finance. Your story could be the spark that ignites them to take action on changing their financial future.

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