Traffic Lights – Daily Commute

Have you ever paid any attention to the amount of traffic lights that are on your route to the office? I actually documented them today during one of my regular routes. Want to guess how many there were? 38! There were also 4 railroad tracks, and 2 stop signs. Out of the 38 traffic lights,Continue reading “Traffic Lights – Daily Commute”

Advertisements – The Cost of “Free”

Have you ever listened to a song on a streaming app such as Spotify or Pandora? How about when you are watching Hulu or YouTube TV? Ads pop up everywhere! We are the most marketed to culture in the world and everyone is vying for the money in your wallet / bank. Recently, I rememberContinue reading “Advertisements – The Cost of “Free””

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Driving Cars

I am not a car person, but I have learned several things from having worked at Enterprise rent-a-car as well as people who ARE car people. Most people don’t realize that the way they drive their cars has an effect on their wallet. In this day and age – with gas prices being what theyContinue reading “Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Driving Cars”

Money can be Emotional

Have you ever felt any of the emotions below when it relates to your money? Embarrassment? Guilt? Fear? Overwhelmed? Shame? Ignorance / stupidity? Anger? Hopelessness? Betrayal? Doubt? As your coach, we talk through these different emotions and feelings you are having to clear away the obstacles in your path to get you where you wantContinue reading “Money can be Emotional”