“Live like no one else, so later you can live and give like no one else.” — Dave Ramsey

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Personal Finance = Personal Journey

When was the last time you felt peace regarding your money? Are you still stressed about credit card debt? Do you have unhealthy anxiety about your mountain of student loans? Do you feel like you will always have a car payment? Does your money tend to follow your emotions? I hear you – and it hurts. But, it doesn’t have to.

I have been “stuck” with money for what seemed like every corner I turned, and I have made many financial mistakes, or “learning curves” in my life. I chose to learn from those mistakes so that I can build a positive financial future for myself and my family. I have had student loans, I have financed two vehicles and I have cashed out a 401k. That’s not all! I purchased a whole life insurance policy that I thought was good for retirement. I eventually came to an “I’ve had it” moment.

Now, I have: zero debt, a fully funded emergency fund, and we are working our way to saving up for a home. Plus, I never stopped investing and giving while working to pay off the debt. I worked a plan, and can show you how to work the plan too. We can navigate this journey together.

Jason Madsen of Madsen Financial Coaching is a husband, father, and friend to many. His passion for helping others better handle their finances stems from personal experience. When he is not coaching others, you can find him playing board/card games, cornhole tournaments, hanging out with his family and filling out brackets for March Madness (so bummed there wasn’t a tournament in 2020! Gonzaga let me down in 2021). Years I have picked the correct champion: 2008 (Kansas); 2013 (Louisville); 2018 (Villanova); 2022 (Kansas)

South Lake Tahoe, CA
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