Money can be Emotional

Have you ever felt any of the emotions below when it relates to your money?






Ignorance / stupidity?





As your coach, we talk through these different emotions and feelings you are having to clear away the obstacles in your path to get you where you want to go. Sometimes, these emotions and feelings cloud our judgment and therefore lead to poor decisions. When we get clear about the direction we are heading, we start to see positive progress.

You are probably wondering, “what kind of value can you provide to me?” That all depends on how deep you want to go. I have two ears and one mouth, so I can listen twice as much as I talk. Let me be the one to provide guidance and insight with impartiality. Let’s address the feeling or emotion like the elephant in the room, eliminate the negativity, and create a plan that builds momentum in the direction you want to go.

Does this resonate with you? If so, now is the time to act! Set up a consultation call and we can talk about what you are experiencing. Don’t let these emotions weigh you down. We are here to help you.

Published by MadsenFinancialCoaching

Madsen Financial Coaching was created to bring awareness to personal finance. When you pay attention, you win! We work with clients to understand their behavior and relationship with money, as well as basics of personal finance such as: following a budget, eliminating debt and building an emergency fund to name a few. We want you to succeed, and it starts with your willingness to put in the work.

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