Ribbon Cutting

Wow – I am still in shock! I have to say that I am truly impressed and blown away by the magnitude of the ribbon cutting ceremony that took place today at the Brea Chamber of Commerce Leads Lunch. I got to meet several of the dignitaries within the Orange County district as well as the mayor of Brea! The Chamber offered me an opportunity to share my story of how I became a financial coach and how I help others. On top of all that, I even got a 30 second commercial later in the program on what I do.

Even though I have been coaching for 2 years, it felt really good to be recognized at such a high level. The awareness and visibility that comes with “opening a business” is really remarkable. It almost felt like a business baby shower. In my opinion, we should have more of these ribbon cuttings when people decide to branch out on their own and create a name and brand for themselves.

A huge thank you goes out to the Brea Chamber of Commerce who is always networking with business professionals to keep local businesses thriving. They are super welcoming, the ambassadors are always looking for new members, and the testimonials of people using the products or services are second to none. Another huge thank you goes out to the Birch Hills Golf Course for the fantastic lunch provided so we can keep connecting with other professionals.

As a member, the Chamber gives you a restaurant loyalty card – which I am stoked about. I get discounts to the different restaurants in Brea who are participating. We have eaten at places around town and are excited to try more on the list. I am also gearing up for the Taste of Brea, which is where all the different restaurants in the city showcase their goods and can get their name out to the public.

When I am talking to these people, I feel at home. I feel comfortable.

Your network = your net worth. Make sure you get in front of people who are going to promote you and your products / services. It is a two-way street though. Make sure you are also using the services and products that these people are selling. When you build relationships, you are making a connection. There will be some business that is strictly transactional, but make it a point to be more relational. Put in the time to help others and, in turn, you will be able to reap the benefits. Who knows, your story may just be the right timing for someone who knows someone who needs help.

If you are reading this and are a chamber member, know that I will do my best to reach out to you to find ways to refer people to you. If we have not met yet, I am working on getting around to all the business cards that I have collected from the lunches I have attended. I am personally working on networking better, but we are also expecting our second son in the very near future. Once life resumes after the dust settles from adjusting to a family of 4, I will get back out there to say hello.

It feels wonderful to get back to in-person gatherings. The smiling faces, the conversation and the atmosphere is electric. There is probably more that to say but I cannot even think right now. This was such a spectacular day!

Who will you connect with today? Is there anyone or anything you have been avoiding? Get outside of your comfort zone and get connected!

As always, I am here to help those who want to get their finances in order. If you are struggling with mindset around money, emotions behind how to handle money, or overall just want to do better with your money, connect with me –> calendly.com/madsenfinancialcoaching/45-minute-consultation

I look forward to hearing from you soon!!

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Madsen Financial Coaching was created to bring awareness to personal finance. When you pay attention, you win! We work with clients to understand their behavior and relationship with money, as well as basics of personal finance such as: following a budget, eliminating debt and building an emergency fund to name a few. We want you to succeed, and it starts with your willingness to put in the work.

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